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“Worship is the heart and pulse of the Christian Church.In worship we celebrate together God’s gracious gifts

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Good Shepherd Day School offers a unique educational opportunity for children to cultivate their intellect and

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Music ministry here focuses on the song of the gathered assembly. The songs we sing in worship are richly diverse,

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Out of faith flows service and giving of oneself to others, following the example of our Lord Jesus Christ. Opportunities

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Pastor Stephen Kauffman A Word From Our Pastor…

Don’t Be Afraid!

I remember those words. Don’t be afraid, I am here. They were spoken in times of apparent crisis, when I felt alone and helpless. Once they were spoken after my mother discovered I was lost in the grocery story, separated from her for just one moment and only one shopping lane away. Another time they were spoken by my father, when I surfaced after being wiped out by a large wave while swimming at the New Jersey sea shore. All I remember is spinning around and around as if in a washing machine – and holding on to my dad’s hand for dear life!

“Don’t be afraid,” said my scoutmaster as I set out on my first overnight camping experience. You have nothing to fear said my pastor who encouraged me to apply to college and seminary. More recently, some of you, and my wife Debbie and even my children have shown me that perfect love casts out fear.

In the Old Testament book of Genesis, we hear that the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision, “Do not be afraid.” Of course, we can understand why Abram might doubt God’s promise. Although promised a son and heir, Abram wasn’t getting any younger, and he was still childless. But in spite of all evidence to the contrary, Abram trusted God. We know that Sarah did conceive in her old age, and bear Abraham a son.

Elsewhere in the scriptures, the book of Hebrews makes clear, FAITH IS THE ASSURANCE OF THINGS HOPED FOR, THE CONVICTION OF THINGS NOT SEEN. When our crazy and unpredictable lives lead us to believe that no one is in charge, that chaos reigns, and that things are totally out of control, we need to hear God’s word of reassurance. Listening to the threatening rhetoric of the political campaigns, one would think we are hopelessly lost! Scapegoating, economic insecurity and selfishness drives a wedge between all manner of people.

That is why, as Christians, we should listen to the words of Jesus, “Do not fear little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Instead of facing life with fear, those who know God’s generosity are always ready to receive from God and give to others.

We need to hear the Good News, and that is why we gather on Sunday morning. We hope that you can join us for worship throughout the summer at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. We are listening to and following the Good Shepherd.


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