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Pastor Stephen Kauffman A Word From Our Pastor…

Resurrection has less to do with our elementary notions of heaven and hell and more to do with how we will live as followers of the risen Christ.  How will we live as a resurrection people in a broken world?

Diana Butler-Bass tells a wonderful story in her new book “Christianity After Religion”, the story of a bishop, who when asked if he believed in the resurrection, responded: “Believe it? I’ve seen it too many times not to”.

Like many of you, I’ve experienced resurrections big and small—moments when I was reminded that God is always bringing new life out of death, always snatching hope from the jaws of despair.

The good news on Easter Sunday is that God is still speaking and resurrection is indeed all around us.  The spirit of the risen Christ is in our midst even now. And what can we do, but run from this place, like Mary, to testify, “I have seen the Lord.”

In times of great loss we often need to see something. When the Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared, grieving family members demanded to see more evidence. Somehow seeing the debris — or finding the black box — promises closure for many people. For many of us, seeing brings closure to the cycle of confusion and loss. Or so we believe.

The truth is, no one path accounts for the emergence of hope and new life. The Beloved Disciple can believe without seeing, a pattern that’s highly valued in John’s Gospel (1:50; 20:29). Mary needs a personal touch. She believes when Jesus calls her name (20:16-18). And Peter, having encountered the risen Jesus at least twice, has yet to fully believe.


Of one thing we can be certain. Those of us who have been touched by the resurrection will never be the same. Please join us to celebrate our Easter faith every week here at Good Shepherd! We would love to welcome you!

Pastor Steve

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